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Take a peek inside our Wonderworld
Hex Tiles

Lost Village Hex Tiles

Asset Pack

3 Worlds

3 Worlds

2D Asset pack(VFX Included)

Winter Pack

Winter World

2D Asset Pack With Animated Character

Deadline Runner

Deadline Runner

Game Android/UWP

Match 3

Match 3 Music World

Game Android/iOS

About Us

Hello and well met from a  talented and passionate team based in Lviv, Ukraine. We bring 2D games to life, create amazing art assets and flawless animations. 
We are open for contract work!
We pride ourselves on delivering quality work on time and on the budget also we have very competitive rates.


Cross-platform game development

Our team builds cross-platform games and applications using modern tools like Unity Engine. We port existing games and applications to a new platform. Also, we offer expertise in different technologies like gaming ads implementation, game optimization multiplayer solutions and more.

Full cycle Unity game development

We offer full-cycle game development services to enterprises and independent game developers. We can help you implement your ideas and build engaging games according to their specific requirements.

Game Design

Our team can offer you full game design cycle including game concept, game & level design, game economy ecosystem, consulting and much more.

Mobile Solutions

We have great experience in mobile solutions covering the most popular mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform). For past few years, we delivered more than 30 mobile projects.

Art as service

We offer game art production as a service. Our team has versatile artistic talents who cover all stages of art creation from concepts to complete projects.


Our art team can create custom digital & hand-drawn illustrations. All you need to do is to give us clear information and references. We can create your illustrations using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, pen and paper, color pencils or watercolors.


Our VFX and animations team has massive experience in creating realistic skeletal animations and classic sprite animation for a wide range of projects. We are working in Spine, Spriter, and Unity.


Our artist will create flawless UI/UX for your game or application that will assure ultimate user experience and great results.

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