Hi there! You look nice today. 

Before we can start working on your amazing project, please follow the next steps.

1) Get in touch with us. Tell us a bit about your project. We would love to know what you like, what is your vision, your goals and your limitations (deadlines, budget, tech specs, etc.).

2) After we will receive basic information, one of our managers will reach out to you as soon as possible. We will ask a few clarifications and discuss further steps. We can do this via email or schedule a call.

3) In the next step, we will prepare our proposal. If you will like it and are ready to move forward, we’ll send you a final offer with a Sample form of Consultant Agreement (contract) in English. 

4) Once the previous stage has been cleared - We will assign a person to lead your project from our side. You’ll be updated continuously on the progress. Also, we will set a tracking environment in Trello. Where you will be able to track the process, write your comments and change milestones priority.

Whether you have a question about our services, trials, pricing or anything else, we will be happy to answer them.