Fantasy Backgrounds set #1

A high-quality set of three battle backgrounds. They are layered and horizontally tileable. This pack also includes some fancy VFX for each background. Besides, PSD files are included so you can edit, modify, or change anything according to your needs.

Pack contains:
- 3 Themed layered backgrounds
- Elven Ruins
- Red Forest
- Underwater beach
- 2-3 themed particle systems for each layer
- HD quality, uncut 4k resolution (4096x2160)
- Individual sprites have different resolutions from ~156x128(small elements like leaves and tiny bushes) to ~4096x1000 (solid background parts)
- Prefabs, and a well-sorted project
- Demo scenes
- Layered PSD source files

Important note:
Sprites, PSD files, and Particle systems work with different render pipelines and Unity versions. Also, characters from the screenshot are not part of the package. They are just for a better demonstration of possible usage for our backgrounds. But they are free, and you can get them from this package.

We are also happy to hear what you are thinking about our assets. We are always listening to your feedback and considering all thoughts when working on new assets and updates.