Dark themed 2D pack

A hand-painted set of the dark-themed 2D world. This pack will be perfect for almost any 2D game with a dark sauce. Preparing your game for Halloween? You will find all you need inside! This pack offers a great variety of different 2D game elements(including GUI/HUD/Animated Characters).

You can get it at the Unity Asset Store:

Web Preview:*

Android Preview:*

*Please note in the preview we had to reduce art size and quality due to the platform limitations.

Moon tribe 1200x630

Promo Screen

Moon tribe a1

UI Scene

Moon tribe failed

Failed Screen

Moon tribe 3

New game elements and animated Hell-hound character

Moon tribe a2

Demo Scene #1

Moon tribe a3

Demo Scene #2

Moon tribe characters1

UI Characters

Moon tribe assets

Game elements

Moon tribe buttons round blue v1

UI Buttons #1

Moon tribe buttons square v1

UI Buttons #2

Moon tribe panels v1

UI Panels

Moon tribe tiles

Tiles #1

Moon tribe tiles2

Tiles #2

Moon tribe dog for x 3sec 540

Hellhound animations

Dark Themed 2D Pack